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How can I profile BEA WebLogic v6.0 on Win32 ( NT, 2K) and Solaris and Linux?


Unfortunatley BEA WebLogic v6.0 cannot be launched using the Agent Manager / Remote Agent. To profile code running under the WebLogic 6.0, take the following steps:

On Win32( NT and 2K)


1. make certain that WebLogic is not running

2. launch the Agent Manager / Remote Agent and select the Global (all Java(tm) apps) function with your profiler ( True Time, True Coverage or Memory Profiler)

3. then you can launch WebLogic server and the recording controls will pop up and you can take a snapshot or whatever you need to do.

On Unix / Solaris / Linux


While I have your attention, when using Unix, you cannot use the Remote Agent. You have to use the dpagentshell for profiling on Solaris. Same sort of situation:

After installing Remote Agent on Solaris, go to a command prompt and type "dpagentshell" and you can launch WebLogic 6.0 from the command prompt in that shell with your parameters. It will store your trace file in your $HOME/ directory by default unless you specify otherwise.

Please consult the Readmes in the /opt/Compuware/DPRA/ and the 'man' pages for dpagentshell.

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