Obtaining and installing the Eclipse plugin for DPJ 3.3



Where do I get the Eclipse plugin for DPJ 3.3 and how do I install it?


DPJ 3.3 contains a built in plugin for Eclipse 3.0.

To intall the Eclipse 3.0 plugin for DPJ 3.3:

  1. Start/Compuware DevPartner Java Edition/Utilities/Java IDE Add-in Manager .

    A dialog box will display with the header:

    'DevPartner Java Edition IDE Addin Installation'

  2. Select Eclipse 3.0 in the drop down box. Click on the 'Continue' button.

    A dialog box will display with the header:

    'Installing Eclipse 3.0 addin'

  3. Use the navigation (...) button to select the toplevel Eclipse directory. It will be the directory that the Eclipse.exe is located.
  4. Select that directory and click on the 'Install' button.

    An alert dialog box will display the failure or success of the install.

Check for the existance of a 'com.compuware.dpj.eclipse' directory in the Eclipse plugins directory. There should an assortment of gif, jar, and xml files in that directory, for a total of ten files as follows:

  1. plugin.xml
  2. plugin.properties
  3. weblogicPlugin.jar
  4. NmEnableDPJ.jar
  5. eclipseDPJ.jar
  6. NmEnableDPJ.dll
  7. dpjmem.gif
  8. dpjperf.gif
  9. dpjcov.gif
  10. dpjicon.gif
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