SoftICE 3.2x Video Troubleshooting Tips



What is the procedure for getting my video cards to work with SoftICE? I have a newer card which supports Direct Draw and an older video card which does not.

Do I have any other options to use SoftICE if I cannot get my video card to work with SoftICE?


Beginning with version 3.2, SoftICE (95/NT) supports more video devices than ever before by taking advantage of Microsoft DirectX technology. This will allow SoftICE's Universal Video Driver (UVD) to work with virtually all new video cards supported by ActiveX/Direct Draw.

Note: Both the video card AND the video card driver must support DirectDraw in order to the UVD to work.

* If you are having trouble getting SoftICE to run with your video card AND it supports Direct Draw technology:

  1. Run the SoftICE Display Adapter Setup.
  2. From the manufacturers list, select STANDARD VGA.
  3. Check the Universal Video Driver (UVD) box.
  4. Press the TEST button to confirm that this setup works.

If this does not work and you are sure that your video card supports DirectDraw, then we recommend that you try:

  1. Downloading and installing the most current version of your video card driver provided by the card manufacturer. Updated drivers usually add support for DirectDraw to cards that support it.
  2. For NT, try changing the SoftICE startup to either Automatic or Manual mode.

If you are unable to use SoftICE with your video card AND it supports DirectX, please provide us with the following information:

  1. What startup mode are you using (boot, system, automatic or manual) ?
  2. From Win 95/NT, press START and go CONTROL PANEL / DISPLAY / ..., and provide us with:

    Adapter type:


    Version Numbers:


    Chip Type:

    DAT Type:

    Memory Size:

    Adapter String:

    BIOS Info:

* If your video card does not support Direct Draw:

  1. Download and install the most current version of your video card driver provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Download and install the last version of the SoftICE legacy video drivers from our FTP site:

    For Windows 95:

    For Windows NT:

  3. Run the SoftICE Display Adapter Setup and reselect your card.

* Other options which are detailed in the users guide, include the ability to use SoftICE:

  1. With a second MONOCHROME monitor and a Hercules-compatible card.
  2. Through a serial cable connection.
  3. In STANDARD VGA mode. To use SoftICE in Standard VGA mode you must:
    1. From the OS Display utility, change your display adapter to:

      Manufacturer: Standard Display Types

      Display: VGA Compatible Display Adapter

    2. From the SoftICE display adapter setup, set SoftICE to Standard VGA and DO NOT check the Universal Video Driver.

If none of these options work for you, then we highly recommend that you obtain a newer video card which supports Direct Draw. Please note that Compuware will no longer create custom drivers to support new video cards. All new video card support will be handled through Direct Draw drivers. This will allow SoftICE to work with virtually all new video cards supported by Direct Draw.

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