Obtaining command line tokens for Generic Application Server configuration


This article explains how to obtain command line tokens for DevPartner Java Administration Console.


How do you obtain the command line tokens when configuring Generic Application Servers in DevPartner Java Administration Console?


To configure generic application servers using the DevPartner Java Edition Administration Console, command line tokens are needed. These are used to more uniquely identify the application server process. While generic application server configuration (along with the tokens) is mentioned in the documentation for DevPartner Java, there is no information on how to obtain the tokens. How to do this varies by operating system, whether Windows or Unix.

To obtain information on the tokens in Windows, the following procedure can be followed:

  1. Use a tool such as Process Explorer (obtainable from the MicroSoft website) which will provide an image of the process.
  2. With Process Explorer running, start the application server.
  3. Identify the process for the application server in Process Explorer.
  4. Open the Image tab in Process Explorer. Use the information gathered here in configuring the command-line tokens.

To obtain information on the tokens on a Unix system:

  1. Start the application server.
  2. In a shell, execute a command to obtain a long listing for status on the processes running on the system, such as the following: ps -elf | grep {string} >> {output file}.
  3. Opening the output file, identify the process information for the application server and use it in configuring the command-line tokens.

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