Profile ASP.NET app lication and Web Service using DevPartner Profiler



How To use DevPartner Profiler to profile ASP.NET app and WebService


*To Profile ASP.NET using Profiler, a few steps:

1. In Visual Studio.NET, open the Solution that contains the project for your application, or for the client application that will exercise the server application.

2. From the Tools menu, select Options and choose DevPartner Profiler Package.

3. On the General tab, select Collect information about ASP.NET applications from the Targets list.

4. From the Tools menu, select DevPartner Profiler | Enable Profiling.

5. In the Solution Explorer, select the client application that will exercise the ASP.NET process you want to profile.

6. From the Debug menu, select Start Without Debugging.

7. Before you quit the application, or invoke a Recording Control action, select the process you want to profile from the drop-down list on the Recording Control toolbar.

8. DevPartner Profiler collects data until the process started with Start Without Debugging stops, or you stop data recording.

9. If your application runs in multiple processes, you must select the process for which you wish to view data from the drop-down list on the Recording Controls toolbar before your application ends, or before you execute a Recording Control action or stop recording manually. If you do not select a process, the session file will display data for the process that appears in the Recording Control toolbar.

*For profiling a webservice (which you may not be doing but I'm providing notes anyway):

If the intend is to profile server side processing, you can spawn a browser based web application for profiling and send a request to the ASP server which will result in the aspnet_wp process appearing in the process list combo box in your environment. You can choose the aspnet_wp from the process list combo and take a snapshot and ideally you should see the server side details that you otherwise couldn't get to.

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