Created On:  2010-02-03


There are cases in which a profiling session cannot be started on an Application Server from the DevPartner Java Edition User interface, and cannot be started using nmshell.



For JVMs 1.4.x and 1.5.x that use the JVMPI profiling interface the –Xrun command can be used to launch a profiling session by adding the following argument (as one line) to the JVM settings:

-XrundpjCore:NM_ANALYSIS_TYPE={coverage,performance,memory}:NM_CONFIG_NAME={name of DPJ Configuration}:NM_BATCH={1}
Sample syntax is below:
java -XrundpjCore:NM_ANALYSIS_TYPE=performance, NM_CONFIG_NAME=test  [your other java options]

For an explanation of the various switches please consult the online help facility.