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How can I get JCheck to profile JRun 3.0? What are the steps I need to take?


To get JCeck to profile JRun 3.0, perform the following steps:

  1. Change the VM JRun uses. Open the administrative console for JRun.
  2. Choose Java Settings for the server you wish to profile.
  3. Point the Java Executable property to a 1.22 VM. This needs to be done because the 1.22 VMs do not implement the HotSpot performance engine, with which JCheck cannot work
  4. JCheck Settings:
    1. Start JCheck then click File > Open.
    2. On the File Chooser dialog, choose "All Files (*.*)" as the file filter.
    3. Browse to the directory where JRun is installed, and enter the \bin directory.
    4. Select JRun.exe.
      Note: You may or may not receive an informational error message here, stating that a "foreign or unknown" VM is loaded. Just click OK and don't worry about it.
    5. Once you have opened the .exe, select Project > Properties from the menubar. There are now 3 tabs available to you. Ignore the first two tabs for now, and click on Your Program.
    6. Select the option button Use a user defined host command.
    7. Clear the field and type the following:
      "<JRun_Install_Dir>\bin\JRun.exe" -start <servername>


      JRun_Install_Dir is the place where JRun is installed. For instance: "c:\program files\allaire\jrun". If the path includes any spaces, the entire path must be enclosed in quotation marks.

      servername is the name of the server you want to profile.

If I want to profile the default server, An example of a finished host command wouold like this: "c:\program files\allaire\jrun\bin\jrun.exe" -start default

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