Created On:  13 October 2010


All machines are Windows XP SP3 Chinese OS with Visual Studio 2005 and 2003 Chinese.  It should be noted that the Chinese OS is not supported; however, during the installation there is a freeze because the DevPartner Injection Service cannot be started.  During the installation, the customer receives the message, "DPInject is not supported for the version of OS installed on this machine."  Other services present on the machine contained Chinese characters within the name of the service (In this customer's example the "XXFeiQ.exe" service where "XX" represents Chinese characters/symbols).  This KB article is presented as a suggestion for when it is necessary to install our product on an unsupported environment, due to extenuating circumstances.


It is not DevPartner's installer but Windows “Service Control Manager” (SCM)/(or “sc.exe” Windows utility) that internally (outside of DPS code) needs to enumerate all running services of the given type when installing our dpinject driver.  It is unable to parse “..FeiQ” name because it treat first two leading Chinese symbols as “not printable” and is aborting  the driver installation, including the case when the driver install is a part of the DPS installation.

There are two solutions:

1.  Rename “..FeiQ.exe” to “printable” format without the special characters; for example “FeiQ.exe”, so that SCM can handle it.

2.  Shutdown “..FeiQ.exe” before install and bring it back, if needed, after the driver/DPS service has been successfully started.

All of the hassle is the result of “DPS not officially supporting either native Chinese Windows OS or English Windows OS localized to Chinese (IME and etc.)”.
Incident #2419250