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I am using SoftICE 3.2 to debug a Win95 static VxD written using VC 5.0 and  the DDK.  When I try to "Translate" in the Symbol Loader, I get the following message:

> "Error:  Can't find Visual C PDB DLL in path.  Add Visual C BIN

> directory to

> path."

> Which path is it referring to?  The entries under "Translate

> settings?"  The

> PATH environment

> variable?


The actual file for VC 5.0 is MSPDB50.dll.  It is in the devstudio\sharedide\bin directory.  We refer to it as PDB DLL because each version of the compiler has a different dll with a different name.  There should be no problem with it being in a directory with long names; just make sure (especially if you have multiple MS compilers on your system) that the appropriate \bin directory (for the compiler that the program you are trying to debug is compiled with) is found on your PATH first .

For MS VC 4.x  mspdb41.dll in MSDEV\bin

For MS VC 5.x mspdb50.dll in devstudio\sharedide\bin

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