HOW TO: Changing templates in instrumented code



When using the AutoProcessor Wizard, you're give a choice as to which Template to instrument.  Let's say you install the MAXIMUM template (while developing the application).  Now it's time to release the application and you want to replace MAXIMUM and use the STANDARD template.

Do you have to run the AutoProcessor Wizard again to remove the MAXIMUM template, then run it again to install the STANDARD template.  If so, what happens the custom CASE error handling code that you've written?     What about the FailSafe.frm and FailSafe.bas files?


To change from one template to another template, you need to remove the old template, add the new template, and reintegrate any custom error handling you have added.  The steps to do this are:

   1.  Run FailSafe.  Choose the Autoprocessor Wizard.  Choose Remove Instrumentation and run.  Any custom error handling within the FailSafe blocks will be removed, so be sure to make a backup.

   2.  Choose the Autoprocessor Wizard again.  Choose Add Instrumentation, and select the new template.  Run.

   3.  Cut and Paste any custom error handling from the backup into the newly instrumented code.

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