Unable to find OLE dlls on NT 3.51



When trying to run FailSafe or CodeReview , the following error occurs: "Can't find OLE2DISP.DLL" or "Cant find OLE2NLS.DLL"


NOTE: This article pertains to versions prior to 6.5.

Windows NT 3.51 Setup does not always install all needed OLE files during


If you try to run CodeReview or FailSafe and get an error message

indicating 'Can't find OLE2DISP.DLL', 'Can't find OLE2NLS.DLL' or other file,

check your System32 directory to see if they are there; and if not then

copy them from the Windows NT CD-ROM using Expand.exe.

The files OLE2DISP.DLL and OLE2NLS.DLL are on the Windows NT

CD-ROM in compressed format as OLE2DISP.DL_ and OLE2NLS.DL_. On the

Windows NT CD-ROM is a program named Expand.exe. You can expand and copy

these files into the \System32 sub directory (use your own drive and sub

directory instead of 'C:\Winnt35\System32') as follows:

Expand OLE2DISP.DL_ C:\Winnt35\System32\OLE2DISP.DLL

Expand OLE2NLS.DL_ C:\Winnt35\System32\OLE2NLS.DLL

This is not a problem with our products or our Setup program;

rather with Windows NT Setup. We cannot replace these files using our

setup program as they are coded by NT and must match the NT build. Thus,

you must use the files from the CD-ROM you installed NT from; and you

must use this manual process to place them in the System32 directory.

You CANNOT replace them with their 16-bit counterparts from the System

directory; that will cause NT to fail.

Old KB# 11221
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