Windows 95 and DPWS (DevPartner Web Scripting Edition)



How can I use DevPartner Web Scripting Edition with Windows 95?


The secret lies in the Microsoft Script Debugger that you have installed. Microsoft advises that users of Windows 9x/ME should install Microsoft Script Debugger 1.0. In order to work with DevPartner tools, however, you must install Microsoft Script Debugger 1.0A, which is available at:

Once you have installed the script debugger, TrueTime and TrueCoverage should profile normally. If you get an error message stating that no information was collected for the session, or the snapshot control on the TrueTime recording controls bar does nothing, close the DevPartner tool you are using, and use the Task Manager to end the NCS task. If the NCS task is not running, don't worry. Next, stop the MDM process if that is running, and once again run the DevPartner Web Scripting Edition tool you wish to use.

Old KB# 12103
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