Created On:  30 July 2012


When attempting to start DevPartner the error WatchListErrorCode=ErrorSignatureVerificationFailed appears.


The error you are receiving sometimes occurs when there is one or more missing certificates.  Verify the validity of your certificate by following the instructions below:

1.       Navigate to Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Micro Focus\NMShared\5.5 (or highest number present) and right clicking on wcore.dll and select Properties

2.       When the properties window opens please select the 'Digital Signatures' tab.

3.       Select the signature listed in the signature list and click the 'details' button

4.       Near the top of the tab look for 'Digital Signature Information', underneath is the status of the certificate

5.       If your certificate is valid, it should read, “This digital signature is OK”

6.       If your certificate doe not state the digital signature is OK it will require updating.

How to update the digital signature:

Please see this link for more information:
However, your network admin  may have a group policy that is preventing the download of updated root certificates.