Profiling non-instrumented application



Can I use TrueTime to profile a non-instrumented application?



For TrueTime VB edition, you can only do this inside the TrueTime UI. Launch TrueTime standalone, open your non-instrumented executable, do a Program => Start, TrueTime will collect function level data for you. If you do 'run with TrueTime' inside the VB IDE, your application will be instrumented before it gets to run.

For TrueTime VC edition, you can use TrueTime to profile your non-instrumented application inside the VC IDE or inside the TrueTime UI. If you are inside VC IDE, simply click 'Run with TrueTime'. If you open your EXE inside TrueTime, same as TrueTimeVB.

In the session file, you will notice that 0.00% time for source and 100% for system. This is because the application is not instrumented and TrueTime treats it as any other third-party images. You can find your image under system node.

This article is for DevPartner version 6.6 and below

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