HOW TO: Showing full debug information in compiled VB programs



When running an instrumented application in the VB IDE, when an error occurs in design-mode, four different information panes are available: USER, ERROR, CALL STACK, and SYSTEM.  However, when the same application is compiled and run outside of the VB IDE, only the USER pane is shown.  How can all four panes be shown in a compiled exe?


By default, only the User Information window is shown in a compiled exe.  This lets the users enter what they were doing without forcing them to deal with the actual error information themselves.  You can show all four panes using one of the following ways:

  1.  Run the Client INI Editor from FailSafe, and check the FORCE SYSTEM INFO option.  Save this file into the same directory as the compiled exe.  During initialization of the FailSafe system, it will read in these options and function accordingly.  If you already have an fsClient.ini file, then you can open it with the editor, set the option, and resave it.


  2. In your program, you can make a call to fsOption(24, TRUE) to turn on all four panes.

Old KB# 12134
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