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How are the permissions handled in TrackRecord?


Global --> Type --> Field is the highest to lowest order of how permissions get passed through your TR database. Whatever permissions you set in Global overrides Type and Field permissions.  Both Global and Type override the Field permissions.

Global group permissions are initially set via the Type Editor by selecting any item and pressing the TYPE PROPERTIES button and going to the PERMISSIONS tab.  Here, you can create a NEW group and assign the groups default global permissions.  If you want to change these permissions at a future date, you can do this by editing the ACCESS.INI file, normally located in the parent of the database directory.

To edit the permissions for a TYPE, go to the TYPE EDITOR, select the Type you want to edit, and click on the TYPE PROPERITES button.  From the 'permissions' tab, you can set the access level you want for any group that is already listed.  Note that this applies only to the Type you are in.

To edit the permissions for a specific Field in a Type, go to the TYPE EDITOR, select the type you want to edit, and then double click on the specific field.  Under the permissions tab, select what access you want to provide for each group.

Note that if you try to set a Field to READ/WRITE ACCESS for a group, but the entire Type has already been set to READ ONLY (or the group globally has READ ONLY permission), the uses WILL NOT have READ/WRITE ACCESS to that field.

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