BoundsChecker causes hang.



When I start debugging an application w/boundschecker activated, the BC Program Results window comes up and says:

Thread 0 starts, id=xxx (0x..)

and the system just idles there. I get no reporting, nothing happens (including my program doesn't run). If I click on the VC pause icon in the debugger bar (||) The call stack says we're about seven levels deep in BCCORE.

I have tried different BC options, nothing seems to change this behavior. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling BC.


Are you linking with Separate types?  This is a Visual C 5.0/6.0 option.  If so, try regenerating your executable without this option set.

There is a problem in the .pdb generation (a node references its parent) that causes an infinite loop on our part.

Old KB# 12188
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