Reconcile: Importing Requirements From An Existing Document



I have requirements in an existing Word format document and I want to import these requirements into a new or existing requirements document in a Reconcile project.


To "Import A Requirement From An Existing Document", do the following:

(1) Review your existing document to ensure that it contains only one type of requirement. If not, you may want to copy each separate requirement into a new but separate document because the import feature will import the entire document.

(2) Open the project that will receive the imported document.

(3) Open a new or existing document that will receive the imported document.

(4) On the "File" menu select "Import".

(5) The "Importing a Document" window box opens.

(6) In the "Document to Import" field, enter the path and name of the document you want to import or browse to it.

(7) Check the "Convert Text to Requirements" check box.

(8) Choose the requirement type you want applied to the requirements Reconcile finds in the document when it scans. (NOTE: Only ONE requirement per import procedure!)

(9) Identify the requirement criteria you want Reconcile to use when scanning. Reconcile can recognize requirements in the document by either a text string that you use consistently (each string will become a top-level requirement) or the heading levels of the document (Parent/Child requirements will be created matching the document's structure).

(10) Indicate how much text should be converted..."First paragraph only" or "Until next match". Text beyond the amount specified will be imported as text but not as a requirement.

(11) Click OK to begin the importing process.

Once the process is complete you can edit the new entries or save them to the database. You can then import additional requirements by repeating these steps.

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