Suppression doesn't work.



I can check a library in the settings dialog on the "Error Suppression" tab in the "Available suppression libraries" window. When I close the settings dialog, open it again and switch to the "Error Supression" tab, the library is no longer checked (none of the libraries is checked). Also there is NO library for my program (as I understand the help; where I can add/remove API functions).

During debugging, when BoundsChecker detects a bug, I can select any of the suppression options - it does not work, BoundsChecker reports the same bug again and again.

So, I think BC does not save its settings.


This is a known bug.  If you reinstall to c:\bchecker, suppresssion will work correctly again.  This is being fixed in thte 5.03 service pack.  Go to support|updates to receive it.

Old KB# 12202
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