Invalid list-type for field-list



Error: Type range error during cross-reference

Invalid list-type for field-list

NMSYM is returning them.  I don't see any documentation discussing NMSYM errors.


***Error: Type range error during cross-reference

Open the VC IDE, load your project. Click on Project | Settings | Link (tab). Choose Debug from the category dropdown list box. Now UNCHECK Separate Types and rebuild all. This should stop the messages. Separate Types allows the compiler to store .pdb information in discrete packets rather than in all one place.

Make sure you have /Od compiler switch set.

You need to have the following compiler/linker options in order to build the proper debug information for SoftICE:





***Invalid list-type for field-list

You can safely ignore this warning. It means that during type translation there was something in the debug information that confused our symbol translation engine. It really is not possible from the error message to determine what kind of code could cause this since it is actually the debug information that caused the problem.

Old KB# 11120
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