Out of scan range - display error



I'm using the ATI 3D Rage Pro card with the Universal Video Adapter.  When I try to break into SoftICE, I got an  "Out of scan range" error message..  However, I have found that decreasing the resolution setting to 1024 x 768 (even with 65536 Colors) had solved this problem.  I have the SoftICE display settings configured to use:

Standard VGA/Standard Display Adapter (VGA) with the Universal Video Driver selected.

For the display driver, I'm using:

ATI Technologies 3D RAGE PRO

Version Numbers: 4.3.92, 4.0.0

Chip Type: ATI 3D RAGE PRO AGP (GT-C2U2)

DAC Type: ATI Internal DAC

Memory Size: 2 MB

Is this the workaround for the issue?


Yes.  Decreasing the resolution is the workaround for the "Out of Scan" error.

Old KB# 11777
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