VB6 Project file already open.



Error opening project file when running VB6 Make with Performance Analysis


This problem occurrs only on Dell GX280 PC's with the 2800 Mhz processor and BIOS vA03. The problem did not occur on the same model having a 3000 Mhz processor and BIOS v04.

The resolution is to upgrade the 2800 Mhz pc's BIOS to vA04.


The error was occurring by having the project file open in the VB IDE and then trying to compile using only VB6.EXE from the command line. This ruled out DevPartner as being the cause.

The error message can be reproduced by having the project file open inside MS Word and VB6 at the same time (this was done deliberately to trigger a sharing violation). Then doing a 'Make with Performance Analysis'.

Old KB# 11184
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