Can I terminate a program in SoftICE?



I have soft-Ice 3.22 on NT4 SP3. After soft-Ice is started, any program that has a fault/bug/crash etc cause Soft-Ice to pop. Without Soft-Ice I can use Task manager to kill the program and the system continues to operate normally. With Soft-Ice started, Soft-Ice pops up, but I dont want to debug the errant program I just want to terminate it. How can I do that.


You cannot terminate the application from within SoftICE.  You must either use Task Manager, or in most cases Windows will kill the application for you when the fault occurs.  If you have a situation where you keep re hitting the exception, and SoftICE does not allow windows to handle the exception, you can turn FAULTS OFF in the SoftICE command window.  This will allow windows to handle the fault.  It will also allow you to use Task Manager to kill the app.

Old KB# 11756
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