How to delete multiple items from database



How do I delete numerous items from the database at one time.  For example, I have one hundred old bugs from a dead project I want to remove from the database


To do this:

1.  Create a query which returns all of the items you want to delete.

2.  Create a new outline and attach the query to the parent header.

3.  Once the items appear on the outline, select the first item in the list, hold down the SHIFT key and right click on the first item you want to delete. Select 'Delete item and rest of set' from the menu. When prompted to delete, reply 'Yes to all' to delete the entire set.

NOTE: TrackRecord 4.x and below is no longer supported.

For more information on upgrading to the client/server version of TrackRecord, please contact Compuware sales at:  800-468-6342 or 603-578-8400 or via email at:

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