Matrox Millenium II doesn't work under SoftIce 3.01



Matrox Millenium II does not appear to be supported by SoftICE 3.01.  When I start SoftIce/NT (using Matrox Millenium video setting, which seemed the closest) my monitor won't sync.


The Maxtrox Millenium II is not a supported video card.  There is a list of supported video cards on our web site.

You have several options at this point:

   1) Change your display to Standard VGA and use that driver.

   2) Use an additional monochrome monitor

   3) Use a serial connection between two computers

   4) Use a different, supported video card

   5) Upgrade to SoftIce 3.22 and use the Universal Video driver, which works on all cards that support Directx.

Any one of those should allow you to run SoftIce.

Old KB# 11700
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