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Javacaore dump when trying to profile application on WebSphere Test Server in WSAD 4


You most likely need to patch the WAS test server within WSAD. The test server needs to be at fix level 4.0.3. I am referring to the WebSphere test server version, not the WSAD version

The following link has the patch and instructions on bringing your WSAD test server to fixpack level 4.0.3.


The page has a link to the downloads. What needs to be downloaded is the WebSphere Application Server Version 4.0 FixPak 3 (Version 4.0.3) for Single Server (AEs). Then the special instructions for installing this fixpack specifically to the test server in WSAD are found in a PDF file linked to at the bottom of this page.

Once this is done you should be able to profile your WSAD project with DPJ without a core dump.

Old KB# 11037
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