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How can I get support for the product Brief, which was originally created by Underware, Inc.?


In 1990 Underware, Inc. sold the product Brief to Solutions System who in 1992  sold it to Borland (now know as Inprise: )

Inprise's sales department can be reached at:   800-331-0877

The last version of Brief was version 3.01 for DOS.  The product is no longer sold or supported by Inprise.  The only item they have in-stock on the product are replacement disks.

No support for this product is available from Compuware Corp.

NOTE: TrackRecord 4.x and below is no longer supported.

For more information on upgrading to the client/server version of TrackRecord, please contact Compuware sales at:  800-468-6342 or 603-578-8400 or via email at:

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