Using FarMalloc OR FarFree as library names (MICROSOFT)



BOUNDS-CHECKER does not distinguish between capital and

ower case letters, so if you use the name FarMalloc or FarFree for

one of your own routines, it will treat them like the Borland

libraries "farmalloc" and "farfree". It will trap on those routines

and attempt to process them, which could cause it to blow up.


Edit the ROUTINE.DAT file to put a semicolon as the

  first character on any line where the name might be confused with

  the name of one of your routines. This makes it a comment so that

  BOUNDS-CHECKER does not process that name. For example, if your

  program uses FarMalloc, comment out the line for the Borland

  _farmalloc routine.

Old KB# 12301
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