DevPartner Java 3.3 - How to analyze an Eclipse plug-in?



I'm using Eclipse 3.01 to develop an Eclipse based Runtime Common Platform (RCP) application. I've installed DPJ 3.3 and integrated it into the Eclipse IDE. My application does not use an application server and is not a stand alone Java application (the Eclipse RCP will host my plug-in when the application is deployed), it is an Eclipse plug-in that is run directly from the Eclipse IDE. When attempting to use the Eclipse IDE 'Run as Devpartner Java Application Analysis', I can't find a suitable main class to enter in the 'Main' tab of the 'Run as' configuration dialog.


To hook into DPJ and profile your Eclipse plug-in:

  • Create a DevPartner Java configuration which includes your Eclipse plug-in packages/classes in the Inclusion list.
  • Open a command prompt window and navigate to the Eclipse directory.
  • Issue the nmshell command that includes the type of profile, configuration name and Eclipse startup command. Both Eclipse and DevPartner Java will open.
  • From Eclipse, start the plug-in and DevPartner Java will start accumulating information.
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