Making a command line build project into an IDE build project.



Currentyl I am building my driver in the DDK build environment. I would like to take advantage of the usability of the IDE. Is there a way to convert the driver to an IDE build.


There is a utility included in the Compuware Driver products called SOURCES to Project Utility.

The standard tool for building NT/WDM kernel mode drivers is Microsoft's BUILD utility, a command line tool that works in conjunction with makefiles in the DDK. Developers who are accustomed to working in the Microsoft Visual Developer Studio environment are uncomfortable when forced to use command line tools for building drivers. While the DDK's build system is robust and sophisticated, it lacks the productivity features of the integrated graphical environment. To date, Microsoft has not provided any support for developing drivers in DevStudio.

A major impediment to using DevStudio for developing drivers has been the difficulty of creating a project file that contains the correct switch settings for the compiler, linker, and other tools. With the introduction of our new utility, SRCTODSP, a developer can instantly create a workspace and project file for a kernel mode driver, using an existing SOURCES file as input.

SRCTODSP generates a workspace (.dsw) and a project (.dsp) for Microsoft Visual C 5.0. The tool lets you select project settings that are compatible with either the Windows NT 4.0 DDK or the Windows 98 DDK. The project that the tool creates contains two configurations for the driver, namely Free and Checked. The output files are created in the same directory as the input SOURCES file. Any include files in the directory are added to the project. If the tool finds a message compiler input file (.mc), it generates the appropriate rules to process it.

The program does have some limitations:

Intel only.

Only NT 4.0 and Windows 98 DDKs are supported.

Only TARGETTYPE=DRIVER is supported.

NMAKE directives (lines beginning with !) are ignored.

Some SOURCES keywords are not supported.

Unlike BUILD, projects generated by SRCTODSP use separate directories to store the object files for the free and checked builds.

Once you start developing drivers in DevStudio, you won't want to go back to the command line tools. However, it's still a good idea to do final production builds with the procedures endorsed by Microsoft.

Please proceed to to download SRCTODSP.

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