Debugging Gina DLL's in Softice.



I am trying to debug a GINA replacement DLL and can not get my debug information to display in SoftICE.


The following is a known way of obtaining SoftICE debug information for a gina file.

  1. Check is that you have the proper debug data. The compiler settings need to be as follows:
    1. Compile with the /Zi switch
    2. Link with the /DEBUG /DEBUGTYPE:CV /PDBTYPE:CON
  2. Check to see that the debug info is being sent to the NMS file.
    1. Run symbol loader from the start menu.
    2. Open the gina file that you want to debug.
    3. From the module\settings.. menu go to the translation tab
    4. Make sure the "Symbols and source code" button is checked.
    5. Make sure the "Package source with tables" box is checked.
  3. Add the symbols to SoftICE so that they will be available when softice boots.
    1. Run symbol loader from the start menu.
    2. Open the gina file and translate it.

      (if not already done as a post build step in your compiler).

    3. From symbol loader menu edit\softice initialization settings go to the symbol tab.
    4. Use the add button to add these symbols to the list.
    5. Close symbol loader.
    6. From the command line run the icepack utility in the softice directory.

      (Note this step must be done every time you recompile. It can also be added as a post build step in the compiler

  4. Following the directions in setting up the siwsym.sys. This is located in your softice directory in the siwsym.txt file.
  5. Use the SoftICE symbol loader and change SoftICE to boot mode start up.
Old KB# 11013
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