No Wait times are showing in performance analysis with DPJ v3.0



Using DevPartner Java performance analysis on Windows, no wait times are showing in the performance display and the session file says "You must be using Linux."


To fix this you will need to contact Compuware Corporation technical support ( to obtain the updated mach5.sys driver.

Once you receive this update, complete the following steps to update your driver:

stop all profiling sessions

- open command prompt and type "net stop mach5"

- go to c:\windows\system32 and rename mach5.sys to mach5.sys.old

- save attached mach5.sys to c:\windows\system32

- type "net start mach5" and check that it says "service was started successfully"

- Perform tests to ensure that the problem went away

This defect has been resolved in DPJ 4.X

Old KB# 11877
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