User releasing license before DPJ has exited



Why does the FLexLM license server release the license while I am still using DPJ.


One possible reason is that DevPartner Java establishes a session cookie when DevPartner Java is started and has checked out a license. If the browser is set to always load the offine page such as Internet Explorer/Properties/General/Settings ( or Tools/Internet Options/Settings from the Internet Explorer Menu) 'Check for newer versions of the stored pages' = never, than whenever a menu function is accessed, DPJ checks out a license for that function and immediately releases the license. The session cookie is not updated. If almost all of the license server's available licenses are in use, than there may be intermittant licence failured occuring as users can access functions at sometimes when there is an available license but getting denied at other times.

The solution is to change the 'Check for newer versions of the stored pages' value to 'Automatically' or 'Every time the page is visited'.

Old KB# 11187
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