When using DA, can I specify which call to COM I'm interested in monitoring?



In monitoring a transaction with the Distributed Analyzer, how can I specify which call to COM I'm interested in?


Configuring DA to filter events by action (which is the default setting) might be one way to focus on a particular transaction. DA's "Actions" pane lists navigational actions and the machine from which the action was initiated. So if you had two clients that were hitting a web server, but you were only interested in monitoring the transaction of one of the users, simply select the action in the "Actions" pane that corresponds to the desired user. All of the hints, alerts, alarms, events, etc. shown in the other panes will pertain to only the selected action. The transition graphs can also help here. The "Events by Machine", "Events by Process", and " Events by Thread" can all be used to trace the end-to-end sequence of events for a particular action.

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