How to save SoftIce history buffer?



How to save SoftIce history buffer?


There are several possible solutions to do that. Not all of them always available.

1. Using Symbol Loader. Start Symbol Loader. Go to menu File\Save SoftIce history As...

2. Using DriverWorkBench. Generate a memory crash dump (*.dmp file). Open this file in DriverWorkBench. You should be able to see SoftIce history. This method can be very useful if a driver causes blue screen and you cannot use the first method to save SoftIce history.

3. Using local printer. Attach a printer to the local port to your computer. Use "PRN" command to set the port to which the printer is attached (default is LPT1). The SoftIce history buffer can be printed using PrintScreen button.

4. Using a vt100 terminal for remote debugging. In this case you can just save the session info from a vt100 terminal.

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