Created On:  12 October 2010


How do I use the debug option with ncsp?


1. On the command line (in a Windows shell), do this:  net stop ncsp

You should see this echoed back to the Windows shell.  The Micro Focus DevPartner Java Edition Control Service service was stopped successfully.

2. Next, do this:  ncsp -d

You may see a lot of information echoed back to the screen. Keep the Windows shell open.

3. Start DevPartner Java. You will notice more information being echoed to the Windows shell.

4. Exercise DevPartner Java and reproduce the issue you are troubleshooting.

When finished, terminate DevPartner Java. Copy-and-paste the information output to the Windows shell from ncsp into a file for further analysis.

As an alternative to copying-and-pasting the output directly from the shell into a file, you can redirect the output to an output file using ncsp –d > output.file.

This option is most useful when there are questions or suspected issues with communication between ncsp and the DPJ GUIs.
Incident #2474220