SmartCheck is installing as an evaluation!



One interesting note. When I installed SmartCheck from the CD, it installed ok but the first time I ran it, it displayed a 30 day trial

screen. I went ahead and it ran ok. Subsequent loading of the program did not bring up this screen. Someone might want to check that out for

future releases. The other two programs did not exhibit this behavior.


This is a known issue which should be fixed in the next release (anything greater than 5.00) . In the meantime you can use the following workaround:

Open regedit or regedt32 and then go to  HKLM | Software | NuMega ( HKLM | Software | NuMega | VBSuite if you are using VBSuite).

Copy the value in the "Onomatopoiea" key and paste it into the same key under HKLM | Software | Numega | SmartCheck.

This will solve the "eval" problem and all should work fine.

Old KB# 11979
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