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What are the differences between SoftICE 3.22 and 3.25


* SoftICE 3.25 has a limited degree of support for Win 2000. It will give limited support for Win 2K but does not support service packs, Power management and has limited functionality.

It is suggested that you call your sales rep. for a copy that fully supports Win 2K and beyond.

* SoftICE for Windows 95 now supports debugging WDM drivers under Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2.1.

* When the universal video driver is in use, the new WIDTH command can be used to set the number of display columns between 80 and 160.

* Improved rendering performance of the universal video driver.

* New command: PAGEIN. This command can be used to force a page of memory to be brought in from disk. To succeed (i.e. not crash the system) the currently executing thread must be in a context where it can touch pagable memory. Although PAGEIN does some sanity checking, it's still fairly easy to shoot yourself in the foot, so this facility is recommended for OS experts only.

* New option: SET FORCEPALETTE [ON|OFF]. See the "Universal Video Driver" section below for details.

* The Symbol Loader (loader32) writes its configuration file (siload.ini) to the SoftICE directory rather than the system directory.

* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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