License file for DPJ 4.0



How to determine which license file DPJ is using on non Windows platform?


Follow below steps to find which license file DPJ is using on Solaris box (similar step can be taken for other non windows DPJ supported platforms too):

1. From the prompt go to install directory of DPJ

Example: cd /opt/Compuware/DPJ

2. From above location go to

cd var/conf

3. At this location, you will find following file:


4. You can either 'cat' or 'vi' to this file.

Example: cat LM_LICENSE_FILE

5. You will get location of the license file that is being used by DPJ.

6. If you see 7166@<HOSTNAMEOFTHEMACHINE> - Meaning you have a license Manager installed on other machine or a same machine and DPJ is getting license from that machine using license manager port 7166.

7. If you just see location of the file like opt/Compuware/License.dat - meaning DPJ is using license from the local machine.

8. If above step doesn't help please see KB article 1869.

Old KB# 11488
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