Created On:  04 August 2010


If attempting to build a C project with a source file whose name includes " - " (space followed by dash by space) for instrumentation, NMlink.exe stops responding.  For example, a file named 1 - Test.cpp causes NMlink.exe to stop responding, but a file named 1-Test.cpp is fine.


Rename the source file to a string that does not contain " - ". If the file cannot be renamed, you can exclude the project containing the source file with the affected name.

The issue only affects project files (.cpp) with these names. Header files (.h) with a name that includes " - " (space followed by dash by space) do not present a problem.

This issue has been confirmed to occur with DevPartner Studio 10.0.0 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1. This issue will be addressed in a future DevPartner Studio release.