How to use gather data from an application running on a remote machine



How to get profiling data for a machine without DPS installed


To get profiling data for those apps running on a machine without DPS installed, you can use Devpartner Performance and Coverage Remote Agent (DPRA).

For version 7.0 and 7.0.2 and 7.1

1. you can purchase a license for DPRA and install the license file on the machine which has DPS installed (we call it the "local machine").

2. Configure Performance or Coverage from the Agent Manager UI.

3. Run AnalysisCommonEnv.bat which is under

[root]:\program files\compuware\Devpartner Performance and Coverage Remote Agent \Analysis

from the command line.

4. On the same instance of cmd.exe, run your app.

Please note:

1. If your app has any unmanged code, please instrument it with Performance or Coverage on the machine which has DPS installed, then copy that instrumented module to the remote machine.

2. For those using webscript profiling, after step 2, open Webscript for Performance/Coverage from the Start menu and then load your pages from there.

For versions 7.2 and 8.0

You must install DPS on the target machine. The IDE is not required but you would need a DPS server license to collect data.

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