"An Error occurred loading this property page" on dual boot machine using the Q drive for DevPartner



I am using DevPartner for Visual C BoundsChecker Suite on Windows 7 dual boot system on the D drive. When opening DevPartner for Visual C BoundsChecker Suite within Visual Studio 2012, the property page displays an error “An Error occurred loading this property page”. In getting a new machine, we would like to get Bounds Checker to work as we have a very large application that previously has caused performance issues in previous versions of DevPartner.


The installation and running from the D drive: It has been known that you can install Bounds Checker on any drive but may not always work because Bounds Checker was designed to be used with the C drive. Bounds Checker needs the write permissions to create the configuration file. You would want to make sure that you are running as administrator or using file explorer to go to the directory, right click and go to properties/security tab to change the permissions on the directly so that you can write to that directory.

After numerous testing the only successful resolution we found was to reset the entire machine including reinstalling Windows 7, Visual Studio, and DevPartner. Once the application is rebuilt by BoundsChecker , you will now be able to display the page because bounds checker needed to “see” the exe or DLL bitness and has write permissions alongside the application.

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