BoundsChecker and ASP.NET



Can BoundsChecker be used to profile ASP.NET applications?  Can BoundsChecker attach to the ASP.NET worker process?


BoundsChecker can't attach to the ASP.NET worker process, aspnet_wp.exe, partially due to the security of the process, and also because ASP is an interpreted environment, and BoundsChecker runs against native code. Because ASP is an interpreted environment, BoundsChecker can only provide information on the aspnet_wp process itself, not the underlying components. To check components of an ASP .net application, they need to be run under a different process space that BoundsChecker can monitor, such as dllhost. Information on profiling COM components under dllhost.exe can be found in the .pdf documents "Advanced Error Detection techniques" or "Understanding BoundsChecker" that ships with the software.

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