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After installing DevPartner 10.5.2 and running Error Detection, we get "Error: There was an error injecting the process.  The error returned was: 'WatchListErrorCode=ErrorAlreadyExists'. Please contact support for help."

Followed by:
[CRunManager::InjectNow() - BCAX::StartRecording() FAILED: hr=0x80004005]


Check the Project Properties.  Once you have the Property Pages up, go to Configuration Properties > General and check that the Output and Intermediate Directories do not have a ".\” anywhere in the path(s).  If it is present, then please delete the ".\".

Next Check Configuration Properties > Debugging and ensure that the Command value does not have a ".\" value as well.  You can check this by selecting the Text Box for the value and choosing "Edit" from the Dropdown menu.  This will bring up the whole string, but more often than not what is there by default is usually just the $(TargetPath) macro.

Save the settings and restart Visual Studio.