GPF while loading MSC 7/8 program



A GP fault occurs while loading a MSC 7/8 (Visual C) program. The DI register is FFFF and the IP register is A99C.


This occurs when a module compiled with debug data

   has no line number information. The code which processes line

   number information does not have a check for a count of zero, so it

   handles it as if the count were 64K. The following patch inserts a

   check for zero into the code.

  Patch LDR.EXE as follows:

ren ldr.exe ldr.bin

debug ldr.bin

-s 0 lffff 0f 84 11 00 53

(displays address)

-e address     74 11 53 26 8b 04 bb 06 00 f7 e3 8b d8 2e 8b 97

-e address 10  ce 09 5b 83 c6 04 83 c3 04 e3 1a



ren ldr.bin ldr.exe

Old KB# 11570
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