Assign A Duplicate Defect To Two Additional Users Automatically



How do you create a TrackRecord form and a rule that will allow you to assign a duplicate defect to two other users when a certain user is assigned/creates a defect...?.


I have a possible solution for you that should perform the task that you are requesting.

In an example using the following ficticious team members: BORIS, NATASHIA, & BULLWINKLE we will create a work "Rule" that when BORIS is assigned a task; NATASHIA and BULLWINKLE are assigned the task as well.

First, we need to create two new fields on the standard Defect TYPE window.

(1) Log in as Administrator, click on the Administrator menu and select Edit Types.

(2) This shall bring up the "Choose a type" window.

(3) Select "Defect" from amongst the list of Types and sub-types, and click Edit.

(4) The "Type Editor - Defect" window will pop up displaying the standard fields.

(5) Click on the Insert menu at the top of the main window and select "Drop Down List Field".

(6) You can then hover your mouse cursor over any area on the "Type Editor - Defect" window in which you want the new field created. Simply click on a blank area.

(7) This will bring up the "Field Properties" window with the General tab displayed first.

(8) Type in a name for the new field, in this case I used: "Additional Assigned 1".

(9) Click OK and you will see the field created.

(10) Repeat this last process to create a second field with a name such as:"Additional Assigned 2"

(11) Select "Save and Close" and then Close on the previous window.

Now we can create the Rule.

(1) Click on the Administrator menu and select Edit Rules.

(2) On the "Choose a type" window highlight Defect and click Rules.

(3) On the "Rules - Defect" window click New.

(4) In the Rule Wizard window, in the first field, select "Assigned To:".

(5) Select "is equal to" in the second field.

(6) In the third field, according to our example, we would select BORIS and click Add.

(7) You will see the first part of the rule now in the Rule Summary box.

(8) Click Next.

(9) On the next screen, in the first field - select "Set", in the second field "Additional Assigned 1", in the third field - "NATASHIA". Click Add.

(10) Repeat this last step for "Additional Assigned 2" and "BULLWINKLE". Click Add and then Next. On the last screen you will be able to give the rule a different name and restrict it to certain groups if you like. Once done, click Finish. It will then display it in the "Rules - Defect" window.

Click OK and then Close.

You will now have a rule which shall assign the same task to NATASHIA & BULLWINKLE whenever BORIS is assigned the task originally.

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