Missing URL Navigation Events in DA



My 'Actions Pane' only shows the 'System Background Processing' event, I do not see any URL navigation events after I start a Distributed Application Analysis session, why?

Actions Pane with missing URL navigation events:

<IMG src="[ioID]0C01D5EBE49A41A79D2032811C8384D9/dpds_1710_1.jpg">


Your Actions Pane should show navigation events as shown below:

<IMG src="[ioID]0C01D5EBE49A41A79D2032811C8384D9/dpds_1710_2.jpg">

This problem is most likely related to your Internet Browser configuration setting 'Enable third party browser add-ins'.

Verify that your 'Enable third party browser add-ins' setting is checked. In Windows 2003 the default setting is unchecked.

To verify this setting in Internet Explorer select your 'Tools' | 'Internet Options' menu item and click on the 'Advanced' tab. After you modify this setting you will need to open a new browser window for the settings to take effect.

Required setting:

<IMG src="[ioID]0C01D5EBE49A41A79D2032811C8384D9/dpds_1710_3.jpg">

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