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I follow the instructions in the readme and turn on the remote agent, then run (in a new command window) bin\debug\adminserver.bat.  I'm getting a NoClassDefFoundException for the nmpcJackets class.


Unfortunately, adminserver.bat is overriding the CLASSPATH entry we attempt to add with an environment variable.  This problem can be fixed by editting adminserver.bat and adding an entry into the classpath for:

"C:\Program Files\Compuware\PCShared"

(which is the directory that nmpcJackets.class is in.  If you've installed DPJ to somewhere else, you will need to use that path instead.  You need the "'s around the path in order for the space in 'Program Files' to work)

If your classpath gets too long for the commandline, you may need change the script to put the whole thing into the CLASSPATH environment variable, removing the -classpath argument to Java.  Give this a try if it doesn't work.

Once you've done this, some users have reported that they get a C Runtime library exception while trying to load ttdev.exe if they hit 'snapshot' on the recording controls and then 'view'.  We are actively looking into this problem, in the meantime, save the snapshot to a temporary file and double-click on it to bring it up.

Old KB# 11921
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