How do I enable and disable the Distributed Application Analysis (DA) tool?



What's changed between the previous versions of DA and 7.1 with how you enable and disable DA?


<WITH 7.1 of DevPartner there has been a change to how you enable disable Distributed Application Analysis tool. The DAEnabler utility used within the 7.0.x release and earlier releases is no longer available.

As of 7.1 the DevPartner Configuration Utility is used to enable or disable distributed analysis. The DevPartner Configuration Utility allows you to enable distributed analysis, performance, coverage or memory analysis from a single interface located on the DPS Start Menu.

A new tray icon indicates which tool in the suite is currently enabled. Hovering over the icon will pop up the name of the active tool and its current state. Double-clicking the icon will launch the configuration utility. You can also launch the tool from the Start | Program Files |Compuware | DevPartner Studio menu by selecting 'DevPartner Studio Configuration Tool'.

DA is enabled:

<IMG src="[ioID]0C01D5EBE49A41A79D2032811C8384D9/dpds_1708_1.jpg">

All DPS tools are disabled:

<IMG src="[ioID]0C01D5EBE49A41A79D2032811C8384D9/dpds_1708_2.jpg">

To enable DA in 7.1:

From Start | Programs | Compuware DevPartner Studio select DevPartner Studio Conficutation Tool:

<IMG src="[ioID]0C01D5EBE49A41A79D2032811C8384D9/dpds_1708_3.jpg">

<IMG src="[ioID]0C01D5EBE49A41A79D2032811C8384D9/dpds_1708_4.jpg">

In versions of DA prior to 7.1 you used a command line utility DAEanbler to enable, disable, and check the state of DA.

To enable DA in 6.x through 7.0.x:

<IMG src="[ioID]0C01D5EBE49A41A79D2032811C8384D9/dpds_1708_5.jpg">

Note: If you are performing remote distributed analysis you will need to enable DA on each of your remote servers using the appropriate enable/disable method for the version of DPS that you are using.

For complete information on the steps required to enable or disable Distributed Analysis in your version of DPS, please refer to your Distributed Analysis on-line help. Select the 'Index' tab and enter 'enable' in the '...keyword to find' textbox.

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