How to profile remote WAS instance from WSAD using RAC



How to profile remote WAS instance from WSAD using RAC


Scenario: DPJ 3.3 is installed on Windows XP box. WAS and RAC(Remote Agent Controller) are installed on AIX box.

Steps to configure new server from WSAD:

When you create a new server Configuration from WSAD Server configuration window, It will ask you to enter some parameters about remote AIX box. WebSphere install directory will be the directory for instance 1. Agent Controller port is the port for Remote Agent Controller(RAC) that is installed on AIX box. Port is the one which is configured during RAC install. Which is same for each instance of WAS. Please make sure RAC and WAS are installed on the AIX box.

Once you create that new server Configuration - Click on that server configuration and view the environment tab Please make sure you expend JVM arguments on this tab and enter below parameters that DPJ is looking:


NM_ANALYSIS_TYPE= memory/performance/coverage

NM_CONFIG_NAME will be different for each instance of WAS. This configuration name will separate for each developer and each instance.

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